Goldilocks 5+

Classic from the classic

Great Journey of Vlas and Brada 6+

An epic puppet production based on the cult comic book about two elves

One Thousand and One Nights 7+

The mysterious story of a boy named Hassan

Dog Session 4+

There is truth in wine, in dogwood is canine. Who let the dogs out!

Cinderella 5+

A sugar comedy in verse

Treasure Island 8+

Adaptation of the classic adventure novel for young and old adventurers

Dunno in Sun City 4+

“A mysterious thing I´d like to have, doing all at once, a magic wand ..."

Night won´t scare the Nightjar 5+

A capricious mosaic of nonsense poetry by the Czech and worldwide authors

Conjerk 3+

or Education of the Bohemian Kids

Kocourkov 7+

The vast musical tomcat business or Bordello fantastico!

Little Red Riding Hood and the Red Balloon 4+

Who would not know the Little Red Riding Hood ... But wait! Do you know what she experiences with a red balloon?

Toys 6+

The musical for all skies up-lookers

Hm... Pranks

Modified poems with lyrics of František Hrubín, Ivan Blatný, František Halas or members of the Hm ... band this all in a musical conception. Kids love them! Parents also ...

Drums in Minor 9+

Theatre concert of the Marimba Live Drums Band

Fireflies 4+

Dobrodružné loutkové panoptikum z paloučku pod jalovcem

Will There Be a Circus?!

A breath taking acrobatic act performed by the Circus La Putyka!

Mirrored Face

DRDS Disman Ensemble production.

DRDS: The War of the Buttons

Appearance of the Disman Ensemble (DRDS)

Last Trick of Georges Meliés

Theatrical performance which is a tribute to the world of magic, film and imagination.

Aladdin 7+

A magic show for the whole family, directed by Matěj Forman.

My First Encyclopedia 3+

Non-traditional staging with an educational outreach!

My World Atlas 8+

How many continents are there in the world? What is an igloo? Where does rice grow? Who are nomads? Set off on a journey around the world!

Our Family

Snapshots from family life of Annie, Eva, Dan, Paul, Nicholas, Jack H. and Jack M.

How Roosters Dyed the World Closing night 10. 6.8+

or Cuckoos to Children

Fish 5+

Amazing travel journal of our family

The Jungle Book 4+

Listen to the song of the brave Mungo named Riki-Tiki-Tavi

Through the Magic Gate 4+

Have a little lemonade with elephants and then up to the gate!

Dreadnought 6+

A story about bravery for both boys and girls

The Chattertooth Eleven 7+

A soccer game performance for the whole family – under the baton of two referees, the Forman Brothers.

Christmas 7+

or the story of the Nativity

Snow White - a new generation 7+

Musical for a slightly crazy family

Land of Sounds 5+

Enter the world of sound and light

Hansel and Gretel (aka Gingerbread House) 6+

A horror concert for moments of comfort.

It was a joke! 9+

An interactive performance based on forum theater technique

Mystery of the Conundrum 8+

The Shades are revolting again

Hunt for Jednorozec 10+

Adventure story based on real events that happened in the 1950s.

Things or Bring and Play

An improvised interactive performance of the Bufet Theatre

About Thumbelina Closing night 11.6.4+

A chamber variation for one actress, puppets and two musical princes.

Klamm´s War 15+

The story of a man who is too young for early retirement and too old to start over