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It was a joke!

An interactive performance based on forum theater technique

To have the opportunity to tease someone can be very tempting. Especially, if it can bring you admiration of your friends. Especially in your class! Especially in front of the teacher! Especially, when you can!

Where is the line between funimpertinence and bullying? What is acceptable in behavior towards classmates and teachers, and what is too much?

In our story children meet with characters who keep breaking the boundaries until something happens…

The program of the workshop
1. Introduction to the topic of bullying (in the form of activation games and exercises)

2. Viewing of short themed story (theater performance)

3. Searching for different solutions to the story (taking the place of the character and acting on his or her behalf)

4. Reflection on the experience and topic (discussion and closing group activity)

Forum theater is a technique that teaches us in key moments to look for different solutions and act accordingly. What are my options of changing something? In our story children uncover situations in which the course of action could have been taken differently and better, and by stepping into the characters’ shoes they have the chance to change the outcome of the story for the better.

Forum theater
 is an educational system based on working with a pre-prepared theater performance played by professional actors. The goal is to transfer the notion that if children can change the course of events on the stage, they are capable of doing the same in real life.

The performance It was only a joke!was co-created by the actors, director, psychologist, and expert on children’s education. The project was initiated due to the increase of aggression and bullying at schools that teachers are often victims of also. During discussions on the topic educationalists showed interest in the particular concept of theater performance.

Target audience: grade 3 – 5
Number of attendees: 45 children/ 2 classes
Duration: 90 minutes

This performance is presented on the Small Stage of Minor Theater.