Our dear partners

In respectable families, it is customary to thank when someone does something nice for you. 


Thank you kindly!

In respectable families, it is customary to give thanks when someone does something nice for you. And so here we want to thank all those who are involved in ensuring that the ideas of Minor artists get to where they belong – on the stage and thus also to you.

Our Establisher

The City of Prague

The City of Prague is the founder and exemplary manager. After a very demanding construction of the new theatre premises, the City of Prague was always an attentive partner and a responsible investor.

Our Chief Friend

Allianz insurance

The advertising slogan of the Allianz insurance company – “We stand by you” has been true in our theatre since 2004. In the difficult beginning of our work, when we sorely needed support of a strong partner, Allianz was the only large company listening to our needs and requests. Therefore, Allianz will always be a chief friend for our theatre and not just a partner.

Our Partners

Regata Čechy, a.s

Long-term support from Regata Čechy, a.s. Us and our exhausted bodies completely regenerate at Regata Čechy, a.s. with its exceptional hotels HOTEL **** HORIZONT in Pec pod Snezkou and PORT HOTEL ****PORT at Machovo jezero. Thanks to them, we “DISCOVER OUR HORIZON” in the mountains and at the lake we enjoy “OUR NEW PORT – HOTEL PORT”

Další partneři

Our Media Partners