Mom, Are We There Yet?

We are presenting a new original production of our friend director Jiří Jelínek inspired by travelling and the frequent, maybe in fact the most repeated question connected with travelling, the one that will inevitably come the minute you put your child into its car seat, close the door and start the car… Mom, are we there yet?

Will mommy trick the children by her stories about a bollard, windshield wipers and the steering wheel, to make them last the journey? Starring Lenka Volfová. For big klutzes as well as small clumsy bumpers.

Following the productions Konžert, Agnes Wants to Dance, and Hum (For the Smallest Bears), Mom, Are We There Yet? is the fourth director’s work of Jiří Jelínek for Theatre Minor.

Appropriate age 3 years or older
Duration 45 minutes without intermission

Premiere 15 March, 2015

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