Such drama!

Theater mirrors life…how come?

Being a Hussite for a while

How come those who used to be friends are now standing against each other, with a weapon in their hands?!

First time at the theater

A meeting that will introduce you to the wonders of theater and theater etiquette.

A friend through thick and thin!

Theater as a reflection of an environment of honesty

Taking theater to class

How can we use a play in lessons?
In how many ways can we explain one learning topic?
How can drama class help the internalizing of learning?

A class trip to the theater

How to communicate with children in the theater and about theater

This is Sherwood

To the Robin Hood performance

Land of sounds?!

To the Land of Sounds performance

Hurray to the unknown!

To the Through the Magic Gate performance

I am voting!

To the Democracy performance

Oh, what an aroma!

To the Hansel and Gretel (aka Gingerbread House) performance

We are a team!

To the Chattertooth Eleven performance