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Let`s come around to sound


Sound is the ringing of your alarm clock, a cannon blast or the twittering of birds. Sound is when cows moo, a child cries or when it rains. Sound is also a melody, rhythm or even silence. And how is all this connected? It can all be heard!

As musicians we will explore what objects around us sound like. As composers we will unite those sounds and record them into a computer. As dancers we will control our composition through our movement sensor, and as children we will play with it.

Jakub Rataj is the author of orchestra, chamber and electro-acoustic compositions. His work overlaps into the world of sound installations, film and scenic music. He also works as a performer and interpreter of contemporary music. His music can be heard not only at concerts and festivals in the Czech Republic but also abroad. He cooperates with the BERG Orchestra, Prague Modern, MoEns and others. He is a member of the OEM ARTS art group that unites and connects current artists in the area of sound performance, animation and light design.