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Become a spectator!

A meeting that will introduce you to the wonders of theater and theater etiquette.

Is it permitted to laugh out loud at a theater? Are you obliged to clap when the performance is over? Why must we have our phones switched off? A first visit to the theater should be special in some way! The first meeting with live actors on stage opens a world of theater secrets that stirs the spectator’s imagination. And when the lights go out before the show, the magic that effects all the senses starts….

What needs to be done so that this magic is not lost?

Our theater guide will introduce you to the theater hebdomad – a set of principles thanks to which each member of the audience can enjoy a performance to the fullest. You will be able to try for yourself what a visit to the theater would be like without these rules. But don’t worry, our guide is a true expert, and so you will see that following the rules is actually fun, and doing so really pays off!

Led by Theater Minor instructors.

The workshop can upon request be held in English.

The tour includes the following:

  1. a guided viewing of the entrance hall (cash desk, store, gallery)
  2. learning about the 7 theater rules (the theater hebdomad) through games in the entrance bar (Barloutka)
  3. a guided viewing of the representative areas (cloak room, upper and lower foyer, World Bar, Submarine gallery)
  4. seating in the ceremonial/festive hall (theater hall)
  5. viewing of a theater performance
  6. guided viewing of the secret chambers (backstage from the ceiling down to the cellar)

7. inauguration of new members of the order of Knowledgeable Theater Minor Spectators

Reservations for schools at pokladna@minor.cz

Workshop begins at 8:30 on the day, when your performance is played. Meeting point is at the cash desk.