What does it look like inside?

The new theatre building situated in 6 Vodickova St. was opened in December 2001. In 2002 it won the prestigious Prize from the Mayor of Prague and Building of the Year Award.

Minor yesterday and today

Where is the origin of the Central Puppet Theatre, and since when is Minor as we know it?
Take a bold look into our history, while we try to rather boldly face the future …

Minor Gallery

More than an exhibition space, this gallery is a place where you can play, mess around, and even relax.

Ponorka Gallery

April 2022 – Od Kanape přes utěrky po ilustrace

The Minor Theatre Shop

Take a piece of Minor home! We offer souvenirs from our shows, Minor stationery, T-shirts and much more.

When you do not feel like going home yet

Have a little snack in theatre!



You know what he or she looks like, but you do not have their contact? Wondering what the lady talking to you on the phone looks like? Just looking for a contact? You are at the right spot.


In respectable families, it is customary to give thanks when someone does something nice for you. And so here we want to thank all those who are involved in ensuring that the ideas of Minor artists get to where they belong – on the stage and thus also to you.