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Mysterious Rehearsing Begun

Today our team led by the director Jakub Vašíček have begun adventurous staging journey to the Shades, to solve ancient secret, how to make a legendary production. Their journey will finish on the first night on 15th October.

Minor Seeking Game begins

Holidays are here, and with them comes our Seeking game. First hiding place will be revealed on Monday 3th July.

Cash desk's Holiday Opening time

Even our cashiers have to take a rest and draw some energy. From this reason our Cash desk will be closed from 22th June to 21th July. Online advance-sale will start on 15th July.

First rehearsal of the Snow Queen

When Tomáš Jarkovský dramatically raises hands to the air, big things begin to happen in Minor. He did it on Monday 16th January last time and from that very moment we are rehearsing The Snow Queen directed by Lenka Vagnerová.

Entering the auditorium after the start of a performance

Dear visitors,
we would like to inform you that after the start of a performance it is not possible to let anyone in the auditorium; purchased tickets cannot be returned or exchanged

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