Oh, what an aroma!

Workshop to the Hansel and Gretel (aka Gingerbread House) performance

How theater can be deceiving…

How can a spectator be fooled when we give them room for imagination? How does our imagination work? How can we use it in theater?

That’s what we’ll explore in our workshop. We will play games that provoke senses and develop sensory imagination. We will find out if we all perceive the same things in the same way. We will try to see, not just to watch!

This experiential workshop introduces the world of imagination and develops sensory perception.

Led by theater instructors Eliška Grödlová a Barbora Osvaldová
Supervision: Michaela Váňová

Duration 45 minutes
Age: 6 – 12 years old / 1. – 5. grade of basic school
Capacity: 15 visitors / one school class
Reservations at pokladna@minor.cz
Beginnings always 15 minutes after the end of the performance in the Barloutka area (above the cloak room)