Make the passage sing

Enthusing workshop

Do you want to enjoy yourself, learn something new, and then surprise visitors waiting for the start of their performance in the Minor passage with your talent? During the workshop you will prepare an act with a professional actor that you will then perform in the Minor passage. You will become a member of our creative team.

Make the passage sing

Do you like music? Do you sing for yourself? Would you like others to hear you, too, besides your pet and the walls of your bathroom? Under the guidance of empathic musician Jan Matásek you will learn a tune that you will then turn into an impressive canon. No need to worry, a voice warm up will be included and there will be time to rehearse. In short, the whole family cansing with us!

Led by musician and composer Jan Matásek.

Duration:  1 hour
Age: 7 years or older with 1 adult
Capacity:  15 attendees
Venue: Barloutka
Price:  80 Kč