Hurray to the unknown!

Workshop to the Through the Magic Gate performance

Theater as a place for imagination

Everything is possible on the theater stage. A chair can be a tree, a shoe a well, a sweatshirt a bush… and just like that we have a garden. Huh?! How come?!

That is exactly what we are going to try out! We will explore how human imagination works. For example – how does a spectator know that he or she isn’t in a theater but directly in a garden? Because it says so on mother’s theater ticket? Or the actor has it written on his face? How do we know?!

In the workshop we will be discover together the secrets of a theater stage – make a magical place out of a plain one. We will create such spaces that really invite you to play theater in them…

The workshop is focused on the development of the imagination, creativity and associative thinking of children.

Led by theater instructor Anna Kekeláková or Vojtěch Löffelmann
Supervision: Michaela Váňová

Duration 45 minutes
Age: 6 – 12 years old / 1. – 5. grade of basic school
Capacity: 15 visitors / one school class
Reservations at
Beginnings always 15 minutes after the end of the performance in the Barloutka area (above the cloak room)