How things work backstage

Become a make-up artist, a props master or a technician

When spectators are at home getting dressed and preparing to go to Minor, the make-up artist and costumer are already running between the actors’ dressing rooms, making sure everything is set to make them beautiful. In the meantime, on the bottom floor the props master is dashing about and preparing everything the actors will be needing on stage during the performance. And besides the make-up artist, costumer, props master and the artists, technicians are rushing around the theater to prepare the stage so that (once the excited audience enter the hall) all would be ready for the show to begin. How do they manage all this without getting in each other’s way? How do things go in the backstage?

Duration:  2 hours
Age:  9 – 13 years
Capacity:  15 attendees
Price:  200 Kč


Zuzana Kárová – Minor make up artist
Jana Pospíšilová – Minor propman
Stanislav Rouš – Minor chief of technics
Michaela Váňová – Minor theatre instructor