How things go before a performance

Become a stage manager and auditorium inspector

The audience almost never sees the stage manager. Even though the stage manager is the first to come to the theater and the last to leave. He knows exactly where every actor is, and when a performance can be started. On the other hand, the auditorium inspector is seen at all times. At one moment, he is standing at the cloak room, but in the next he is walking though the theater hall. He knows exactly where each visitor is, and he, too, knows when a performance can begin. They each take care of their own field but they are both focused on the same thing – that every show runs smoothly. How do they do it? How do things go before a performance?

Duration:  2 hours
Age:  9 – 13 years
Capacity:  15 attendees
Price:  200 Kč



Vít Mrázek – Minor auditorium supervisor

Miroslav Dlouhý – Minor stage manager

Michaela Váňová – Minor theatre instructor