How it`s done... SOUND

How it’s done… SOUND

A cycle of workshops „How it’s done…MINOR“


The world of Minor for five senses

Do you know how the Minor world works? We will set out on a journey to its very core and explore it with all our senses. We will have a peek at how professionals work here. You will see the unseen and hear the unheard. Children can touch almost everything. We will get a sniff of the craft and immediately get a taste of what theater is like. Don’t you believe us? Who relies on their senses will definitely not get lost in the worlds of Minor.


How it’s done… SOUND

What goes around Minor, comes around Minor

Can you have a band only with triangles? How are songs made? How much does a hit song weigh and what color is the F note when we close our eyes? Are beatbox, scat and voiceband polite words?

With courage we will create a band without instruments or a choir without singers!

Bring a text, we will choose one and compose music to it. We will send the song to your email and show it off to family and friends. During the workshop we will also have a peek into the sound engineer’s cabin.

Duration:  2 hours
Age:  9 – 12 years old
Capacity:  10 children
Price:  200 Kč
Location:  Malá scéna

Jan Matásek is a music composer. He studied the Pardubice Conservatory and the Prague Conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek. He composes especially scenic music for Czech theaters (Komedie, Alfa in Pilsen, Naivní divadlo in Liberec, Nablízko, Drak, Reduta in Brno, Viola, etc.) and cooperates with a number of significant theater directors (Arnošt Goldflam, David Drábek, Jiří Adámek, Skutr, Rostislav Novák ml., Braňo Holiček, Michal Dočkal, Josef Krofta). He has been working as composer and actor in the Minor theater since 2001. He co-composed the music to the Czech television series TvMiniUni. He participates as a lecturer at theater festivals and leads seminars at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University.