How it`s done...ACTORS

A cycle of workshops „How it’s done…MINOR“


The world of Minor for five senses

Do you know how the Minor world works? We will set out on a journey to its very core and explore it with all our senses. We will have a peek at how professionals work here. You will see the unseen and hear the unheard. Children can touch almost everything. We will get a sniff of the craft and immediately get a taste of what theater is like. Don’t you believe us? Who relies on their senses will definitely not get lost in the worlds of Minor.

How it`s done…ACTORS

What does talent taste like?

A theater without actors? That wouldn’t work. But careful, not all actors are the same. That’s why we will create the actor of our dreams during this workshop. We will also turn into actors so that we can get under the skin of their acting secrets. In the role of fans we will then live a working day of the Minor theater actor. Come and play!

Michaela Váňová – actress and instructor of Minor theater

Supervision Kateřina Bohadlová

Duration:  2 hours
Age:  9 – 12 years old
Capacity:  12
Price:  200 Kč
Location:  Small Hall