Drum circles

We will do some drumming and have a friendly drummer’s party. It has been proved that drumming has a positive effect on fine and gross motor skills, it connects both brain hemispheres, reduces tension, stress and boosts focus. It is an ideal form of relaxation and self-expression. Rhythm is a basic skill that ALL children can acquire and develop. Rhythm is the primary ability for other disciplines such as dance, signing, musical instruments and even sport.

We would like to thank Zdeněk Roller and the Drumben company for supplying the drumbens for this workshop.

Duration: 70 minutes
Age: 2 – 5 years old with parents / basic school
Capacity: 20 children (and adults)
Price: 150 Kč
Location: Small Hall

Jan Horvatitsch studied the drums at Prof. Miroslav Kympl at the The Prague Conservatoire and Education of adults program at the University of Jan Amos Komenský. He teaches the drums at Štětí basic art school, he leads seminars and workshops at the theater faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts Prague. As a drummer he performed in a number of musicals on cruise ships, he played in projects at the Canary Islands. He was a member of the Karel Vlach Bigband Orchestra, Felix Slováček Swingband, Josef Hlavsa Dance Orchestra and more. In the Minor Theater he works as a musician, actor and composer.