A quick guide to becoming a viewer

Enthusing workshop

Do you want to enjoy yourself, learn something new, and then surprise visitors waiting for the start of their performance in the Minor passage with your talent? During the workshop you will prepare an act with a professional actor that you will then perform in the Minor passage. You will become a member of our creative team.

A quick guide to becoming a viewer

Do you know, what makes a theater? Is it the actor? Or the stage?! The curtain?!! Neither! The most important part of a theater is the viewer! And not just any viewer! The right one! Excited, playful, prepared and educated…

Just as the actor must know his or her role, the viewer should know how to behave at the theater. Let’s have a dry run of what it’s ok and not ok to do at the theater. Together, we will find out how to behave at the theater and then, as actors, we will pass over our experience to other viewers through sound, words, and movement. Come learn how to become a role model viewer, quick and easy!

Led by actor and viewer Václav Jelínek with actress and viewer Michaela Váňová.

Duration:  1 hour
Age: 8 years or older with parents
Capacity:  15 attendees
Venue: Barloutka
Price:  80 Kč