A friend through thick and thin!

Theater as a reflection of an environment of honesty

What does true friendship look like? Where does it start? How do you care for it? Can it disappear?

In this workshop, we will be exploring “friendship” from all angles. Based on experience from a performance we will discover through games why friends are important, what we can expect from them, and how to actually find a true friend. Can friends have an argument and still remain friends? Is there such a thing as a “friend through thick and thin”?

The workshop deals with trust in others and mutual trust within a group.

It is suitable as an addition to primary pathological phenomena prevention and harmful means of behavior.

Instructors: Eliška Grödlová a Božena Osvaldová
Supervision: Michaela Váňová

Duration: 45 minutes
Age: 6 – 12 years / 1. – 5. level of Basic school
Capacity: 15 attendees / 1 school class
Venue: Barloutka
Reservations for schools at pokladna@minor.cz
Workshop always begins 15 minutes after the end of performance.