Will There Be a Circus?!

At the reunion party after thirty years, former classmates revives memories from their school. And do you remember, as you put me in a blackboard? And you know, how we got ears pulling all the time? By a flash transformation in a snap you will find yourself in first class. Unbelievable school events will take place in an incredible motion performance. Valentine reveals the mystery of the school board. Cecilia, thanks to her misbehaving, teaches all children to fly. And anyway, who is the best math teacher? You can find out all in the circus!

More about Circus La Putyka can be found here: Official Website Circus La Putyka

In the style of the new circus it combines acrobatics, dance, music, and puppet theatre embraced by the playful poetics.

Premiere September 25, 2011.

Upcoming shows

In the near future there will be no performances.