The Chattertooth Eleven


The story of eleven Chattertooth brothers and their dad, who created a brilliant soccer team, is set in the First Republic. Sports matches of that time were still a social events as a visit of a theatre and the men used to come in a festive hats.

The Chattertooth Eleven from the village of Dolní Bukvičky fascinates the whole of Europe mainly by their skills. The basis of their success is not just perfect technique and brother interplay. The rules of their game and life concepts are often forgotten today – hard work, courage, honesty, integrity and a true friendship. In their body keeps winning healthy and sincere enthusiasm and an open heart. The fact, that life is not just soccer game, it convinces some lovely athletic females. But before that, there is still quite a few bizarre adventures to come …

The 1st match took place on April 9th, 2005.

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