The Beat Cabaret of Drumming


There is also possible to see the show of various air vehicles, wild puppets, glowing toadstools and other attractions in this production. One can also learn some lesser-known tricks of amateur adventurers – e.g. how to get rid of malicious magic, how to fly, how to find your bearings in a strange land, etc… More attentive viewer also gets some important, but well hidden life lessons in non-violent way.

2003, in the Festival Mateřinka, this staging was awarded for music (Matěj Kroupa, Jan Matásek, Dalibor Mucha). In 2003 it also got the Erik prize for the most inspiring puppet production, awarded by the Czech UNIMA centre.

In the summer of 2003 and 2004 in Seoul, South Korea took place 48 shows of the production “Kabaret tlukot a bubnování aneb Veliké putování” (The Beat Cabaret of Drumming or the Great Wandering)

In May 2005, the production took a part in the 5th annual International Puppet Festival (Festival Internacional Titerías) in Guanajuato, Mexico.

The Albatros publishing house published the book of Jan Jirků and Robert Smolík called “Tlukot a bubnování aneb Veliké putování tří skřítků za prstýnkem princezky Květušky aneb Tajemství největšího strašidla a bubáka velkého Tlustce. (Beat and Drumming or the Great Wandering of Three Elves for the Ring of the Little Princess Květuška or Secret of Tlustec, the Greatest Ghost and Spook). The book is available in the theatre Minor store!

Premiere March 23rd, 2002.

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