Our Family

“Where the mom rushes? – I swallow the magic gum. – Driving a car is a piece of cake for me. – Dad is certainly not mad. – I’m gonna show Annie what a hero I am. – Why is he counting to ten again… – Once again I’ve got something to paint. – Why he ignores me … – Why do I have to eat ribbed celery? – I do not want to sleep. – I want to play! – I do not want to go to kindergarten. – I do not want to stay at home. – I want to play with Barbie, Ken and the Monster High doll! ”

Theatre document showing common situations of everyday life that we all are familiar with and yet they use us up every time. Therapy for all exhausted parents – endless fun for fidgety kids.

We play in the hall without seats!

Upcoming shows

In the near future there will be no performances.