Little Red Riding Hood and the Red Balloon


Who would not know the Little Red Riding Hood … But wait! Do you know what she experiences with a red balloon?

The mother sends Red Riding Hood to see grandmother in the forest, Little Red Riding Hood goes, she meets a wolf, and so on. The wolf, as it is known, already runs to devour poor granny, but look out! Everything observes a group of small ochre heroes from grass and they decide to save Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. Excitement increases, as one member of the group falls in love with Red Riding Hood. “What now?” ask the bluebells. Now the hunter has to come! The hunter comes, graceful as a swan. He saves the grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood with a red balloon and her mother … No, he will not save her mother, she is lost, looking at him and smiling … Do not worry, the wolf will survive too. And what about the red balloon? It’s impossible to tell, it is a must see …

Premiere November 30th, 2003.

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