How Mařenka and Boženka Stared


Marie and Božena Vonášková are wise and cheerful grandmothers. They live peacefully from the small retirement to the point where after one summer storm appears a fairy under their window, a Fairy Silverfish! She fell asleep in the reeds and she must get back into her pond till the evening comes. Both Grannies, though they do not believe the fairy tales, sprightly start to save her. It is incredible what an adventure you can experience in one day, even when you’re eighty …

The tale How Were Mařenka and Boženka Staring wrote Čunderle Michal in 1998 for children of the music school in Prostejov, later he reworked it for the stage of Minor and now for the Albatros publishing house.

Premiere October 30th, 2005.

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