Hm... Pranks

Members of the band Hm … took advantage of their advanced reproduction capabilities and together with their wives created the ten-child test squad during the last eight years. This team of critics, with an average age of 4.5 years, tested more than 15 children’s songs in the past six months. Now the band turns to you with a desire to sow poems with modified lyrics of František Hrubín, Ivan Blatný, František Halas or members of Hm … to your children.

Members of the band Hm … have about 10 children and therefore the time has come to bring on an album of songs for children called Pranks. Why Pranks? These four musicians can be not only strict fathers consciously bringing up their offsprings, but also goofy uncles who ruthlessly take any chance leading to a pranks, jokes, cunning plans or silly stuff – the band puts them all in their songs for children.

Upcoming shows

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