Hansel and Gretel (aka Gingerbread House)


Do you like the thrill? Are your father and mother rockers? Then do not hesitate and enter our forest! Two children lost in the woods and a horror story that everyone knows. What does climb on Gretel´s back? And why is that darn tap still dripping in the pigpen? Listen to the blows of dad´s axe! As long as you can hear them, you get never lost … Sixty minutes of folk-rock orgy with experienced lecturers. On the occasion of the Festival Strings of Autumn – Strings for Children.

Premiere October 19, 2012 (as part of the Festival Strings for Children) and November 8, 2012.

In our shop you can buy CD Hansel and Gretel, which was born in cooperation with the Czech Radio.

Appropriate age 2 years or older
Duration 35 minutes without intermission
Premiere 19 October, 2012 and 8 November, 2012

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