Great Journey of Vlas and Brada


Two good friends live under a Little Ravine Rock. Their names are Brada and Vlas and have never been farther in the Shire. Occasionally paid them a visit old Bžoch who lives nearby on the banks of the Big river. They find him very worried one morning. According to the old calendar today is the day when things should happen that he has been waiting for decades for. The birth of a blue diamond! Vlas mysteriously disappears that night. Brada finds him, sets him free and together embark on a journey back to Little Ravine Rock. They wander through the Blue woods and the desert all the way up to the High Peaked mountains – but there resides an insidious Undruin! He wants to get the diamond and destroy a nearby town which Vlas and Brada cannot allow … Dramatization of the famous comic was based on a screenplay of Martin Otevřel and František Skála.

Premiere on April 15th and 17th, 2007.

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