Dunno in Sun City


Do you know that there is a country whose inhabitants are as small as a finger? Now there in Flower Town lives Dunno, which is longing very much for the magic wand. “You have to do three good deeds in a row!” advises Knopochka. Hey, a good deed! And really, Dunno succeeds and a wizard appears with his reward, the coveted magic wand. Hooray! We’re leaving! Up to Sun City! With a beautiful conjured car is everything even more wonderful than you could ever imagine: a soda pop machine, flying and spinning houses, airships, neon lights, cafes and them – Klyopka and Nitochka. It could be a fabulous trip, if the fussing Dunno would not have spoiled everything. Is he going to be able to fix it?

Premiere November 25th and 28th, 2007.

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