Miracles are the daily bread when you do not lose hope, you are not afraid to jump, dance, and you are not shy to say: I love!

Who is Cinderella? In short, it is a girl who deserves to make her dream come true. And there is plenty in the world! Our Cinderella lives in a candy store and she is really good at it with the dough, frosting and candy for miles around she´s the best. One day without any warning she trips on the prince when it was least expected. And HE does not know that SHE had baked a birthday cake for him that SHE is that crazy beautiful princess coming to the ball and that SHE is a sister of the one which everybody imposes to him. She can sing wonderfully and where she occurs there every cream horn and cake start to shimmy and shake!

Premiere April 6th, 2008.

The media partner was Princezna magazine.

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